Encouraging and Vigilant

John has been a great help to my family in dealing with some unexpected real estate problems. Every agent knows what to do when things are going well but John knew what to do when trouble came knocking.

When my cousin was on deployment and out of the country and his condo flooded and was destroyed by mold, John became our man to manage the effort to save the unit. He worked with the condo association to defend my cousin from some very difficult claims against him; he gathered estimates for post-insurance work that needed to be done, he found us a couple of good attorneys when we needed legal advice, and he now manages the unit.

In short, John spent countless hours on the phone and on many trips to and from the condo while my cousin was on deployment. He encouraged us to hang in through the process where another agent might have just advised to sell the property at a loss. The long story short is that the condo has been rescued through John’s efforts. I am looking forward to referring each member of my family to John for any purchases or listings that come up—because I know he will take care of them and stand with them through thick and thin! Thank you John! — Sankung Jawara

Patient and Honest

I first met John Frantz in 2004 when I was hunting for my first home. It only took an introduction before John took my house-hunting task on his shoulders. We must have visited more than 50 homes before we found the right match for me. Throughout the process, John never tired. I received daily calls from John with abundant of houses to look. After a couple of months of searching, we found the house I fell in love with.

What I appreciated about working with John is that he never pressured me into buying a house I would not like. He was patient and made suggestions based on my needs, not his needs. He took his time to analyze the prices of the homes we saw, and made recommendations on whether it was wise to buy or to keep looking. I believe that is what customer service should be. He put good business ethics at the forefront of his values, and paid attention to his clients.

After nine years, John and I still do business together. As my property manager, John did everything to make sure the condominium association repaired my house in Lorton, which my neighbors’ water accident damaged in 2010. When the Condo association tried to give me trouble, John went to work taking the whole ordeal personally through a lawyer and ensured I was treated fairly and the house was repaired. He skillfully continues to manage my condominium.

I will never hesitate to recommend John to anyone. He is honest, ethical, and truly cares about doing the right thing all the time, and most of all, he cares about his clients, which he always considers family. –Papa Faal

Loyal and Committed

John Frantz brings to his clients a firm grasp of the real estate market and a commitment to help them find the property they are looking for. To that end, he does considerable research on property values, location and other factors to ensure that his clients end up with something that will appreciate in value or fetch good rent.

After having had unpleasant experiences with a couple of real estate agents, it was a real change in outlook that John brought to our search for buying a home in the Fairfax area when we first met him in 2002. He helped us buy our first townhouse in Fairfax in 2003 after a months-long search, during which John showed immense patience and willingness to research homes and drive us around. And that was why we were glad to employ his services and his expertise to scout for and buy a single family home in Fairfax in 2013.

One striking quality that we have seen in John is his loyalty to his clients. An example of it was how at the settlement table he demanded and got concessions for us for the single family home seller’s failure to get some minor work done. John is also an excellent property manager, as we have seen from the way he handles our tenant at our townhouse. He deftly handles tenant issues without offending them, but never gives in when it comes to protecting his client’s interests.

We would highly recommend John Frantz to anyone seeking to buy, sell or rent out property. — Dinesh Kumar and Moli Dinesh