Encouraging and Vigilant

John has been a great help to my family in dealing with some unexpected real estate problems. Every agent knows what to do when things are going well but John knew what to do when trouble came knocking.

When my cousin was on deployment and out of the country and his condo flooded and was destroyed by mold, John became our man to manage the effort to save the unit. He worked with the condo association to defend my cousin from some very difficult claims against him; he gathered estimates for post-insurance work that needed to be done, he found us a couple of good attorneys when we needed legal advice, and he now manages the unit.

In short, John spent countless hours on the phone and on many trips to and from the condo while my cousin was on deployment. He encouraged us to hang in through the process where another agent might have just advised to sell the property at a loss. The long story short is that the condo has been rescued through John’s efforts. I am looking forward to referring each member of my family to John for any purchases or listings that come up—because I know he will take care of them and stand with them through thick and thin! Thank you John! — Sankung Jawara